Criolla certified organic skincare with mare's milk

Live in harmony with nature...    sensual and self-confident


The secret of beautiful skin


For a healthy complexion  and protective, daily nourishment, Criolla certified organic skincare products offer the best prerequisites;  entirely produced of pure natural ( i.e. unrefined), certified organic ingredients of the highest quality.




The unspoiled beauty of nature




Ecologically produced mare's milk is the basis for our organic skincare products which are refined with organic herbs, oils and fragrances.


Several products, such as the rosewater spray or conditioning oil, sandalwood mask or sand and almond peeling wash cream do not contain any mare's milk, other products contain from 12-70% mare's milk. The only other animal related ingredients used in the line are beeswax, honey, propolis and lanolin. 


Our recipes are developed on centuries of knowledge combined with modern insights in dermatology for the needs of our clients.


Ecologically sound animal welfare is of utmost priority. The mare's milk is produced solely at the stud in Grafenhausen, cruelty free. The horses live in a ' HIT-Aktivstall ' where they live freely in a group in a huge area, never confined in boxes. Awarded with 5 stars of excellence from the Department of Agriculture, it is the highest rated mare's milk producing facility in Europe.


Facial treatments with Criolla organic skincare are  recommended for:

  • mixed complexions
  • mature skin
  • dry and sensitive skin
  • oily, impure or inflamed skin